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Here's what some of our consumers are saying:

Thanks for your e-mails enquiring about availability of stock.
The chains decide their range, and as you are aware, are moving to their own private label products in a big way.
Unfortunately we suffered deletions mid-2013.
This had a significant impact on our business.
Without adequate distribution in the majors, it is no longer feasible for us (after 10 years) to continue to trade.

AAA A., Unknown


I live on the Sunshine Coast and I am no longer able to find your Prawn & Vege Alfredo in either Coles or Woolworths. Are you able to let me know where I might be able to find it?

Kind Regards

Craig Tuffery

Craig T., Queensland

I love to eat this product. I have been eating the above for dinner each night for approx 2 years.There is no mess and so tasty and healthy.I am most disappointed my s'market Woolworths - Cherrybrook have discontinued your brand + also W'worths at Dural. HELP !!!!!!

Maureen C., New South Wales

Please advise where this product is supplied

I have tried many Coles and woolworths stores with no luck

Sheree m., New South Wales

I have been on a strict diet for months now and have been eating your frozen meals for dinner 3 to 4 times a week. Your spaghetti bolognese is my absolute favourite. It is better then any I have ever made myself and is only 325 calories and a very reasonable price. I am also always full after I eat your meals. No other frozen meals stand up to yours. I have lost 35kg so far by the way.

Julie L., Western Australia

Just wanted to let you know that i enjoyed the prawns and veggie Alfredo lean gourmet meal, so handy to have in the freezer

Pauline ., Victoria

First time I have tried these and they were fantastic. I will now try the Barramundi as the Flathead tatsed like I had just caught them. There was 10 strips in the package.

Great Thanks


Steve S., New South Wales

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how yummy this dish is. I am a very fussy eater and I found your Beef Teriyaki to be very tasty and suprisingly filling. Very nice indeed. Congratulations.
Kind regards, Emma C.

Emma C., New South Wales

hi just want to write to say that i love your meals,they taste fantastic and are quick and easy.
theres just one problem,they are fantastic as a side dish but they are also great as a quick and easy lunch on the move but for some people like my husband they are not big enough.
If you put out an extra large size that would be great as no other frozen food company do some of the range u have.and the others that are the same yours are so much more tastier and more filling.

just thought you might like to know

elizabeth v., New South Wales

I had your cheese cannelloni for tea tonight, I have never tried you products before, I just want to thank you for a delicious meal, , this is one of the nicest frozen meals I have eaten. I look forward to trying all your other meals now.
Kind regards, Susan

Susan N., Queensland

Hi, I have been meaning to write this for quite some time now...I am writing to congratulate you on a fantastic product. I am a cook and own my own cafe and as you would probably be aware work long hours. I never eat frozen meals...until now that is. I have tried a few different brands all of which are aweful! Yours are awesome!! Full of flavour, Dont taste prosessed. Not Stoggie. I am amazed that it is almost how it appears on the box! I always keep a stock in freezer for when I dont feel like cooking (just like tonight..I had Cheese Tortellini and a Cannelloni...I was hungry!) Coles should stock more of your products!! Congratulations...I am impressed! Sarah M

Sarah S., New South Wales

Just letting you know that I often eat Michelina's meals & enjoy them every single time. Who knew frozen meals could be so tasty!!

Rhiannon R., Tasmania

My husband and I eat Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine,McCain and Coles frozen meals, and we find Michelina's are the best portion serving for lunch. We have had the cheese cannelloni and the cheese toretllini and they are both really good and cost less that all the above mentioned brands in our local supermarkets. We will continue to eat Michelina's for lunch.

Caterina ., Queensland


Inexpensive and tastes great.

Keep up the good work.

So good to finally find a product that tastes good and is healthy!!!!!!

Teneale L., New South Wales

I just had the product for lunch. I needed something quick and easy and microwave meals are never something to really look forward to; so, I had very low expectations while cooking it. However, I just thought I would let you guys know that this product is FANTASTIC! To be completely honest, I enjoyed it more than I've enjoyed many a restaurant pasta (and this is a microwave meal!) You're onto a good thing, when restaurant meals are tasteless compared to your microwave meals. I'm very, very pleased. I'll definitely be buying again.

Tara M., Victoria

Just writing to let you know how much I enjoyed your Beef Ravioli! I love to cook so I rarely buy frozen meals but thought i'd give yours a go.. I'm nicely surprised! I will be recommending your products to family and friends. Thank you for a quality product.

Lindsey L., Victoria


cheri l., Unknown

I brought your product to try after trying others similar to
yours. And i was extremely surprised to find how delicious your meals are.
Thankyou for a great product.

Karen K., Unknown

As I'm watching my weight i'm used to eating Weight Watchers and lean cusine meals when on the run.I purchased your cheese rigatoni for a change and it was delicious! Thanks for making a range of pastas that have a great taste and are low in fat.

Angela A., New South Wales

Delicious! Most frozen dinners taste like their cardboard box, but these remind me of great italian restaraunts!

-C -., Unknown

I used to eat only Lean Cuisine's now I have tasted your products I will stick to them. Better taste and value, there is not one that I have not liked.

Linda L., Victoria

Love your meals, inexpensive and great for lunch!

m m., Unknown

I have tried other frozen meals and it would be tastier to eat the box.Just tried your prawn and vegetable alfredo . Absolutely delicious. Will be stocking up the freezer

marilyn v., South Australia

Today, I tried Michelinas Lean Gourmet Meal for the first time. It was delicious! I will definitely be trying Michelinas again!

Patricia P., South Australia

I live alone and don't like cooking just for myself. BUT I also don't like a lot of salt. Yours is just about the only frozen single serve I can find with reasonable levels of sodium. Imagine my surprise and delight when they were absolutely delicious. Thank you!

Andrea A., New South Wales


You have this brilliant product that is not at all well enough publicised or available in supermarkets.

Spend a little extra on the advertising and product placement in the supermarkets and everyone will know more about the amazing sensation of Michelinas!

I have never tasted a frozen meal that was so real tasting and cooked all the way through with ease!

Congrats on the product now just work on the marketing!

Angela B., New South Wales

I have just tried the Cheese Rigatoni and I must say that it is very nice, very filling, and hard to believe that it is that tasty as it so low in fat, and to top it all off it has the heart tick foundation to boot.
Will be having again and again.

Sam S., Western Australia

I have tried all your frozen pasta varieties and the cheese stuffed rigatoni and the lasagne are, hands down, the best frozen pasta meals i have ever tasted! I eat them for lunch almost everyday, I can't get enough!

Candice C., Victoria

Hi there.
Since I just happen to be in your web site checking out your products, I thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you just how truly authentic your frozen pasta meals are. They are really delicious and the quality never diminishes.

So thank you very very much for making what I think is the best frozen pasta meals currently available in Australian Supermarkets. I hope that your company continues to grow and flourish and with that you are able to release more and more yummie frozen meals for so many of us to continue on enjoying.

P.S. When I am in my car driving home and I think "what's for tea" and then I remember Michelina's, it puts a smile on my dial.

P.S.S. Oh and one last thing. Your servings are very substantial, unlike many of those of your competitors whom you feel you need to "top up" afterwards.

Anyway congratulations on a super product and I look forward to you perhaps releasing additional recepies down the track.

Merryll B., Queensland

l have just tried the Homestyle Bowl- Beef Teriyaki..Thank you for a very tasty meal,it was full of flavour and very filling and a very easy meal to prepare.. l will certainly be telling my friends about this great product...Well done !!

Sharon G., Victoria

Just tried the fettuccine with pesto sauce. Can't believe how tasty it was for being 97% fat free!!!! The lasagne and spaghetti bolognese are also excellent.

Moira S., South Australia

It is wonderful to buy a frozen meal that looks just like the picture on the cover of the box and that tastes fantastic. In the busy world that we all live in frozen meals are very handy to have on hand.

Trish C., South Australia

Thank you for bringing Michelinas back to Australia! We love the the vegetarian pastas- great quality and taste! ... keep up the great work!

Lisa S., Unknown

I have recently rediscovered an old favourite quick meal option for me - Michelina's Fettuccine meal - thinking at first it was a new product all together. I stopped having them a long time ago because I was concerned about weight gain. I'm delighted that they are now 97%fat must have heard my prayers. Thankyou

Patricia B., Unknown

Just wanted to let you know I tried the Prawn and Vegetable Alfredo and it was absolutely delicious. Like someone else said it doesn't taste anything like frozen food. ... an excellent product, ... great for lunch!


Samantha G., New South Wales

Have only tried Spag Bol and the Lasagne so far, but enjoyed their 'non-frozen' meal taste. So quick, so easy, no mess and my husband loves the trays for his shed.

Maureen B., Queensland

We tried several products and enjoyed them immensely.

Brian&C B., New South Wales

We purchased the Michelina's Spaghetti Bolognese ... followed the instructions to the letter and the meal was perfect. It justified the nice Shiraz we also enjoyed with it.

Absolutely perfect. Could not imagine a better meal out of a box. And no washing up!

Brian&M B., Queensland

Just writing to let you know how much I loved your Lasagne with Meat Sauce product. I finally got a night to myself and after a hard day at work just popped this into the microwave and enjoyed (plus the mandatory glass of wine with pasta ...)

The pasta was tender and yet firm and the sauce was delicious.

Love the packaging - so easy and just ate it right out of the bowl and still felt very special. Good size serving and reasonable price at my local supermarket (I think I even got it on special !!)

I was very impressed with the 97% Fat free also - now just got to get rid of the husband and kids more often !!


Maree M., Victoria

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